Whois checker tool is formed to find out the ownership of a domain name. Its real meaning is who is? You can use this tool for the search of any kind of information on domain. Whois is very old term on internet and widely searched database in the world. Whois checker tool is a detail database. Everyone can use it for many purposes like webmasters, businessmen and even government. It is a crucial set of data for all. This tool is concern about who is? And what is? This tool provides all information about domain and its surroundings. Personal and business information is also included in its search, for example domain name ownership, expiration date and registration, status information, name server etc. it may also search physical address, email address and contact number.

Anyone can use whois tool and search his query. Server will respond to the query. Most common usage of this tool is to inquire the information about domain name. whois search, whois look up and whois query are the general terms used for search. It is a protocol which is used to search out and update the domain name, IP address and other online resources. Whois services are operating through whois server. Whois server is a database that store information about registered users and assignee on online resources. They keep all information in human readable format. It can operate without any software. Many websites will allow you to perform your function with their help or service. Sometimes it will not give you information exact to your keywords, because domains keep some information confidential. Different whois services will give different results. This tool can be used to retrieve publically available information about IP address.


Enter domain name as YourDomain.com

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