Unique Ways To Buy Backlinks To Your Website

1. Quantity: In general, the more links you have pointing to a blog, the search engines will see greater authority to the blog, that is, it has more weight for positioning.

2. Quality: but, even more than the quantity, quality buy backlinks is crucial. The robots of search engines are small programs “smart” people who know when or webmasters of blogs trying to game the system links. To better position the pages and become an authority site is better to have links pointing from authority sites.

3. The text in the link: search engines “look” the text that appears in the link pointing to your website. Then, it is ideal to leave your keywords in the link pointing to your website. When you leave a comment, for example, the name must be written: “Roberto – How to get links.”

But… as there is always a but, caution:

Not all links, even if they are quality, count toward the search engine rankings.

For example, the search engines know that people comment on blogs and forums for the purpose of creating links, so you cannot give too much weight to these. Do have, and even more so today with the social weight. But the comment must contribute content related to the topic in question. They serve those comments that say “congratulations, your post very good”, and leave the link. You should add content with the comment.

In addition, some authority sites use “no follow”, which means that the search engines will not count the links, and here we could discuss a lot, as some SEO experts say that even with the attribute “no follow” the same the link is important, while others argue the opposite. My opinion is that they matter. And as it may still be directing traffic, build your reputation and more.

Link building serves many purposes, make your website better position, driving traffic, but most important of all: make links reproduce… so, we will build, we will see how to get links!

1. Write guest posts on blogs that are related to your niche. Many bloggers like to write articles with fresh content on related blogs with heavy traffic, in exchange for leaving your link. Just contact the blog owner and make an offer.

2. Answer questions on sites like Answers.Yahoo.com, AllExperts.com and JustAnswer.com. By providing quality advice on topics related to your site, you can leave your links to pages with related information. You must understand that the owners of these websites will not take it kindly if you just leave your links only, do it when you have something important to comment or respond.

3. Apply as an expert at About.com. This site has a lot of traffic, and you can link to your website from your profile page.

4. Provide testimonials on sales pages of the products that you like or that you bought and you were good. Internet marketers who need testimonials about their products let you put it in exchange for an active link to your website.

5. Send material to social media websites related to your niche. While these sites have less traffic, to be more specific, increasing the possibility of visitors are interested in visiting your site. 

6. For the articles you write, share at least 10 article directories, and leave your link in the resource box of the directory. Your article is in the directory only give you a free link from the directory, but there is also the possibility that other buy backlinks webmasters use your article on their websites, thus creating you more links. Take this habit: leave your items at least 10 Directories.

7. Use Social Networks: Twitter, Facebook and now Google Plus, are great for getting links pointing to your web pages. But as with everything, you have to be prudent, Common Sense, you have to realize that they are sites created for socializing, then your comments with links should not be too much, should only cover a small percentage of all comments.


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