To Improve SEO Link Juice Get Backlinks

We all know by now that in order to get higher ranking in search engines you need to get backlinks. But a lot of backlinks by itself is not enough. It matters where they come from. Having many from one place can dilute your SEO link juice. So here are some ways you can vary your links.

We all know that writing articles is a good way to buy backlinks. It has been the number one way for years and has no signs of changing soon. But do not use the same article directory. Mix things up a bit and place articles from a bunch of directories. This will help keep your SEO link juice strong.

Adding you site to website directories is another oldie but goodie. There are an endless amount out there so pick a bunch of them and start submitting. Some will list you in days while others take months unless you pay. Just pick the right category that is related to your site and follow there submission rules.

Another important place to improve your SEO link juice is to take advantage of video sites. Upload videos to all the popular sites out there with an anchor text link to your site or page.

Create blogs from all the free blog sites that are available. You can post an article and link back to your site. There are a number of these website out their most of them are free to join so use it while you can.

There are places that will give you free hosting for a small website. Find a few of them and create a three page website or so and give yourself a backlink to your main website.

Sign up for forums and social media sites and get backlinks from your bio section. When you start posting comments you can then leave a post with your link leading back to your website. Just make sure you follow their rules.

For years people have used freeware shareware websites to download all kinds of programs like virus protection and cd copy and more. But did you know that this is a great source to get backlinks. If you can create a simple program you can submit them to the freeware download sites and get a backlink to your website as the author. This is great SEO link juice because not many people know of this yet.

Sometimes commenting on blogs can also buy backlinks to any page. Write something that adds value to the blog post and link with a keyword and not your name. Just try to find sites that do not use the no-follow tags for better SEO link juice.

These are common ways any webmaster can build up links. Having a bunch from such a wide variety can really boost link popularity. This can put you one page one on most keywords you choose if all is done correctly.


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