We are providing good and convenient seo services for our customers. For this purpose we have launched many tools free of cost. Google seo cost calculator tool is one of them. Right estimation of price is very difficult thing but with the help of this tool you can easily estimate the price of optimization services. Status of your site importantly effect on our price charging. We will charge in term of your site ranking, site status, keywords, backlinks and quality of your site. This tool will compare your site with your major three competitors. It will also compare your site in term of keywords and backlinks through major search engine. So by doing this, it will judge ranking of your site. This tool will establish your cost of optimizations on the base of SERP and SEO analysis. You can easily understand the cost for optimization of your keywords in top ten positions in search engine and also for link building per week, inbound and outbound links and anchor text etc. Google cost calculating tool fix price for optimization with the help of in-build logarithm. This logarithm actually checks your site in different search engines. We are giving very easy availability of Google seo cost calculator tool. You just need to submit your URL with keywords and click the submit button below. In this way you get the information about your website status. For more information and help you can frankly contact with us. You can add it in your site and use it many times and for long time because best pleasure is hidden in helping others.    

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