How to Make Link Buying Worth It

Link buying sounds something like getting links from relevant sites for search engine optimization by paying money. Most of the time people buy links from link brokers, but are those links worth it for website ranking? Are you getting real value of money with those links? Obviously not, so let’s discuss how to make it worth it.

buy backlinks isn’t as easy as it is used to be because Search engines are constantly improving their algorithm for detection of paid links. Google considers the buying of links for SEO to be a violation of its quality parameters. So you must be careful enough while buying links for SEO. Have a look on why we require paid links, how to buy links safely and which methods to stay away from.

Why link Buying? If your site is new and has no chance of ranking well naturally for a highly competitive search keyword, then you can opt link buying without bothering about search engine quality constraints. Link buying is advantageous in following ways:

– Speed up the link popularity. 
– Short- cut to attain brand recognition. 
– Optimize the site with anchor text you want to rank for. 
– Keep up with competition.

Links you should buy

The very first thing you should care about is Site’s worthiness. For this you need to search for the webpage from where you can get the more value of backlinks. To check site worthiness you have to verify the following parameters:

– Only buy links from relevant sites. 
– Quality of link on that page. Most of them should be natural so that your link also looks natural. 
– Webpage, where you get links, should rank well for targeted keyword. 
– Get links from varying page ranks in order to show it organic. 
– Emphasize on getting links with appropriate “Anchor Text”. 
– Only buy links to that pages or sites that are actually indexed in Google. 
– Try to get links for different WebPages of your sites, not just one.

Links you should not buy:

As you can see buy backlinks can help a site get started, it involves some risks also. Better go slow and stay away from following mistakes to make it fruitful for your website ranking:

– Try to avoid buying bunch of links in short spam of time; it will look unnatural. 
– Do not buy links from major link sellers or link buying networks. 
– Number of links on a particular page should not be more than 100 including. 
– Avoid link-farm. 
– Never buy non-HTML based links.


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