Edu Buy Backlinks Links and Why Are They So Valuable

For inbound link building, not all links have the same value or weighting when it comes to SEO & organic search ranking with Google and other search engines.

What Types of Domain Links Are There?

With domains, there are commercial buy backlinks , network related   and non-profit and other non-commercial enterprises  . This was the original plan, but as the Internet grew and the need for domain names grew with it, the categorization of these domains blurred. So now many sites will opt for domain because they cannot buy the .com version cheaply, if at all. Since this time, more domains have been added such as .biz, and so on. However, these later ones have not gained as much traction.

In addition to these top level domains (TLDs), there and .edu domains.

What are .Gov and .Edu Domains?

Federal, state and local governments use .gov domains for web sites in the United States.

Educational institutions, from local state high schools through to Ivy League schools such as Yale ( and Harvard ( use the .edu domain extension for their web sites.

How Does One Domain Rank Compared To Another?

Google and other search engines have various ways to value inbound links from one web site to another. These search engines try to decide whether each web site is trusted & create both an internal private trust rating and in the case of Google, a public Google PageRank as a second type of respectability rating. These ratings are created on both a per domain and per page basis.

Each site is examined for the type of business it is engaged in, the quality of the content on the site, the types of inbound and outbound links it has on the site, and a myriad of other metrics to determine quality and trust.

With domains names, is given a reasonable amount of respect, unlike .info that has been sold for as little as $1 per domain and has seen a rush of low quality web sites created cheaply. Subsequently, it has been seen that can often be difficult to rank in Google because more often than not the site is marked automatically as suspicious.
What Value Does a.Edu Domain Possess?

An .edu domain such as a or is automatically given a very high respectability and trust rating by Google (and other search engines). In fact, just about domain begins with a high rating rather than needing to build up to it over time. Many such domains have Google PageRanks of 7 and above, which is close to impossible for a non-educational or governmental related domain to achieve, let alone is such a short space of time as can be achieved by new educational institutions sporting a new .edu domain.

Inbound buy backlinks are not all the same. An inbound link from domain is very difficult to obtain and quite valuable. It can count as having more weight for ranking position than many hundreds, or even thousands, of links from lower ranked and less trusted non-educational related domains. This is because few outside of academic circles (which are typically non-commercial in nature) will grant access to their web sites or offer to add a link to your site from theirs. For SEO marketers and link builders, an .



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