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Article writing is the one the best ways to buy backlinks and should be part of your seo efforts. In order to develop good backlinks you must develop unique and valuable content. Articles provide information to people that are in need of it. More importantly, an article should satisfy the readers questions or concerns they might have.

Here are some ways to create great content for your article.

List your ideas. People on the internet do not read every sentence rather they skim through the content. The only time a user reads information when specific keywords highlight and are important to them. Aggregate your thoughts and ideas into a list format with big headings. This way the user can clearly see the benefit right away rather than finding it out at the very end.

Another important list is making list of tips. If you notice all the popular social bookmarking sites they always have a top 10 list. The reason top 10 list work because they provide an easy way to look at the best of the best. It clears up the clutter on a specific topic and just provides great value.

Headlines can increase your articles views if done right. Headlines are the statements that are displayed in the index page. Make a killer headline that sounds outrageous and is captivating. It doesn’t matter how much your topic is related to the headline but the fact that it grabs attention is more important.

Remember that in order to buy backlinks you must first create good and relevant content. Once the content is written up then proceed with implementing the techniques mentioned above.


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