Buy Backlinks Strategies to the Gold Standard of SEO

Backlinks: Six Strategies to the Gold Standard of SEO

Backlinks are the most important off page asset your blog or web page can have for search engine optimization. Want to play the game the way Google has set it up? Then rock the house of Google with quality buy backlinks that possess “authority”! Recall that authority (or SEO popularity) is determined by two main characteristics:

*The number of inbound links to your web page

*The authority of those pages linking to you

Here is an indispensable axiom: The most effective way to build multiple backlinks is to create magnetic, jaw-dropping, irresistible CONTENT; and here is a 2nd axiom: The most effective way to get great rankings via Google is to explode authority rich links to your web site or blog.


– Most foundational: Serve up irresistible CONTENT.

– Inter link your blogs (NOTE: Probloggers Darren Rowse and Chris Garrett warn that eventually search engines may find this practice unattractive and find ways to discourage it’s use).

– Buy links-Not the best strategy for the beginner.

– Swap links: Swap with others with whom you have established good professional relationships. How this is approached and implemented separates best practices professionals from the not-so-professional spammer!

– Connecting with relevant bloggers concerning your content. Recommendation: Keep the blogger’s needs front and center when approaching them about linking to your site.

– One of the older approaches: use directories by submitting your link to them.

There are other buy backlinks strategies, some legitimate, and some best left on the shelf if you desire long term success in the business community.

Developing skills and strategies for building valuable backlinks to your blog or web site are essential in realizing your dream of a successful MLM or home-based business, and becoming an established marketer in the eyes of search engines like Google. So, develop your plan, and go for it!


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